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The Best, Not the Biggest

Plastic Recycling Issues

Consumer Education on Recycling


A Christmas Tradition

What a Difference a Year Makes! From our CEO

Microplastics in Human Blood

Candy Sales Defy Inflation

Contemporary Nostalgia

Future of Domestic Can Making

Consumer Packaging Trends 2022

ICC Achieves 99% in SQF Audit

From our CEO - Fourth Quarter 2021

Independent Can Captures IMDPA Best of Show and Category

Contest Winner

Corporate Sustainability Goals

ICC Promotion Announcement

Commemorate with Tin Packaging

Global Shipping Concerns

Pet Products Get Attention

The Global Demand for Cans

ICC COVID Compliance Pays Off

Safety Culture

Third Quarter 2020 from the CEO

False Promise of Plastic Recycling

Print Quality Award 2020

Halloween Decorative Tins are On the Schedule for 2020

Premium Products Deserve Premium Tin Packaging

Consumers Choose Safety Over Sustainability in the COVID Era

Has Brand Loyalty been Thrown Out the Window?

Decorative Tins make Timeless Gifts

The Impact that COVID-19 Makes on Food Packaging

The Independent Can Design Connection

Independent Can's Statement Regarding George Floyd

Do Metal Cans Provide the Best Shelf Stability?

High Safe Quality Food Score at Vandalia, Ohio Facility

Recycling: Higher Engagement Leads to Better Performance

Independent Can Updates on COVID-19

What Does Your Branding Really Say to Millennials?

The Top 11 Product Packaging Trends for 2020

Independent Can President Rick Huether on 2020

Epic Fail in Glass Recycling Harms Environment

Independent Can's Operations are Designed to Weather Challenging Times

Limited Edition, Collectible Tin Packaging Lasts for Decades

Extend the Elegance of Your Brand to Your External Packaging

Tin Cans Provide Recyclable Gift Packaging

Steel Can Packaging Provides an Easy Fulfillment Option

2019 - A Year of Challenges and Progress

Product Packaging: Don't Sacrifice Shelf-life for Sustainability

In Tin Packaging, Colors Do Matter

How Tin Packaging was the Perfect Solution for This Coffee Roaster

Tin Packaging: Is it safe for direct contact with food?

Independent Can Celebrating National Dog Day

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Collectible MoonPie Tin Packaging

How Independent Can is Prepared to Face the Ending Tariff Exemptions

Fancy Packaging Sells Fancy Chocolate

2019 Second Quarter

Independent Can Wins Metal Print Excellence Awards

Independent Can Named Best Family-owned Business Award Honoree

Winter 2019

Sustainability: Adding Inconvenience to Temporary Packaging

Innovative Packaging Stands Out on the Shelf

What's New at Independent Can - Fall 2018

Shape Your Brand's Image with Steel Product Packaging

Steel vs Plastic: The Product Packaging Debate

The Impact of Steel Tariffs on Steel-using Companies

Independent Can Wins IMDA Award of Excellence

Tin Packaging: Always the Best Solution for the Environment

Plastic Pollution in Record Amounts in Arctic Sea

Earth-friendly Packaging: Plastic Lasts Forever while Steel Recycles Infinitely

Nostalgic Tin Packaging Designs Featured in "Newstalgia" Virginia Diner

Package Design: The Importance of Digital Printing

What's New at Independent Can - Fall 2017

Shelf Appeal: Gift Purchasing is like Speed Dating

Independent Can Captures Print Quality Excellence Award

Innovator Chooses Tin for Product Packaging

Does smaller, lightweight packaging equal a more earth-friendly choice?

2017 - A Year of Optimism, Change and Improvement

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Coffee in Tin Packaging

Independent Can Reaches Agreement to Acquire Specialty Tin Company

The Changing Dynamics of Import Logistics

Product Packaging: Nostalgia is Making a Comeback

Are clear cans environmentally-friendly packaging?

Health-conscious Consumers Tend to be Environmentally-conscious as well

What's New at Independent Can - 2016

What's New at Independent Can - Summer 2015

What's New at Independent Can - February 2015

What's New at Independent Can - November 2014

What's New at Independent Can - September 2014

What's New at Independent Can - January 2014

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