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Nov 27th, 2018

Packaging Suppliers Are the Innovators ...

Recently, I was in a restaurant, famous for crabs and casual dining. It was an average crab house but their presentation of food was memorable. The french fries were in miniature deep fryer baskets. The crab cakes were served in crab shell shaped dishes. Everyone at the table took pictures of the food. Their containers created a buzz and made the visit memorable. It was a topic of conversation when others asked what we thought of the experience.

It benefits a company to come across with a presentation that is seen as clever or creative.  It shows thought about the customer experience. In this visual and social media world, people want to see something different.

A recent article in Packaging World Magazine entitled Cracking Open Packaging Innovation, stated that most packaging innovation comes from the packaging suppliers. “With probable bias, I’ve learned over the years that Consumer Packaged Goods innovations often originate at the packaging supplier. CPG brands have serious struggles innovating. If they change up their product, it’s no longer the same product. Change Heineken’s formula, and it’s no longer Heineken. Since CPGs can’t necessarily change the product, their packaging is prime for makeover after makeover. When brands don’t have a stream of new packaging ideas coming their way, they start to beat down on price. And you can’t blame them; if they can’t implement fresh ideas, they’ll spend their time pounding on costs. Feed them great ideas, and you’ll get to drive that part of the discussion,” writes Dr. R. Andrew Hurley, Contributing Editor.

Full article: Cracking Open Packaging Innovations

Some of the best examples of packaging innovation are those that address unarticulated consumer needs by offering greater functionality and enjoyment of existing products.

Packaging mittens in a coffee can, with a graphic showing mittens holding a coffee mug, could be just different enough to prompt a purchase. The marriage of two ordinary, existing products create this packaging innovation. Independent Can has partnered with our customers in developing creative packaging solutions for nearly 90 years.


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