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Specialty Caps and Closures

Enhance functionality and broaden your product line with Independent Can's specialty closures and fittings. We offer a wide range of options including spouts, nozzles, necks, caps, and inner seals - all engineered for ideal performance. Add convenience with our pull-out pour spouts, dispense viscous products using our nozzle and plug tops, or keep contents fresher longer with our vented inners seals. Clinched and straight-walled necks allow for secure closure. With nearly a century of expertise, Independent Can's experienced team can recommend the perfect closure solution tailored to your product.

Specialty Fittings and Closures

Independent Can offers an extensive selection of specialty closures and fittings to enhance your packaging's functionality. Our range of options includes:

  • Clinch and straight international neck closures for secure, tightened placement
  • Pour top nozzles and plugs for controlled dispensing
  • Pull out spout assemblies for easy pouring
  • Inner seals with wick holes and vents for optimal freshness
  • Hand-tight and machine-tight assemblies for customizable tightening

We can provide a variety of patented and standard spouts, threaded caps, tamper-evident bands, and decorative finishes. Our experienced team helps identify the optimal closure solution based on your packaging goals, product properties, and production needs.

Trust Independent Can for the ideal closure system to showcase your brand while extending your product line's capabilities. Discover secure, controlled dispensing and decoration in one.

Available Sizes
38mmPlastisol and Press Fit Liner
43mmPress Fit Liner
45mmPress Fit Liner
48mmPress Fit Liner
53mmPlastisol and Press Fit Liner
77mmPlastisol Liner
83mmPlastisol Liner
110mmUnlined Only

Continuous Thread Caps

Independent Can leverages decades of metal printing expertise to provide high-quality, customized closures and lids. As demand grew for domestically manufactured caps and closures, we expanded our commitment and capabilities in this area.

Today, we offer extensive size options including stock and custom liners, specialty coatings, and decorative finishes. Our continuous thread caps and metal lids undergo rigorous inspection and testing at all production stages.

We can customize caps and lids with printing, color coating, embossing, and specialty varnishes. Liners are designed based on your product's unique needs for leak prevention, moisture control, barriers, chemical resistance, and consumer safety.

Our dedication to state-of-the-art manufacturing and decorating technology ensures your caps and lids convey quality while showcasing your brand in style. Discover secure closures that transform packaging functionality into an impactful brand statement.

Snap Cover Closures for Hermetic Cans

Independent Can provides specialty hermetic closures that add decorative collectible value. After initial opening, our metal snap covers allow you to re-close hermetic cans while maintaining an air-tight seal.

These attractive closures can be printed, coated, or embossed to align with your branding and container design. We offer a range of sizes to fit our 401, 502, and 603 diameter hermetic cans.

Unlike plastic over-caps, our metal snap closures allow you to extend your packaging's life cycle while presenting a cohesive custom look. This creates fully recyclable, keepsake tin packaging that delights sustainability-focused consumers.

Give your hermetic cans an upscale, eco-friendly re-closure solution. Contact Independent Can to explore decorative metal snap covers that protect purity while promoting reusability.

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