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We Build Brands with Packaging that Sells Product

Independent Can Company has been custom printing and manufacturing premium, specialty, tin packaging for branding and promotion for over 90 years. We have amassed the largest selection of market-tested shapes and sizes. A world leader in the manufacturing of specialty metal packaging and metal lithography, Independent Can handles all manufacturing processes under one roof - controlling the quality and timing of production at every stage of the process.

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Year-round Stock Program

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Wholesale Stock Program

Largest Stock Specialty Tin Program in the United States

We offer a true year-round program for stock wholesale decorative tins and ensure availability of tins when you need them. This program features tin packaging in a broad range of sizes, designs and fancy shapes from small, drawn seamless tins to large popcorn pails.

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Seamless Tins

Custom and Stock Seamless and Candle Tins

Seamless tins are drawn and formed in a single operation from tin-plated steel. Having no seam, these tins are perfect for moist and fine products that may leak out of side or bottom seams in other types of tin cans.

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Hermetic Cans

Air-tight Hermetic Cans for Food, Coffee, Supplements and More

Hermetic cans ensure freshness and safety of your product - which is more important now than ever. Metal packaging protects from moisture, air, light, and contaminants, contributing to the health and security of your customers.

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Fittings & Closures

Specialty Closures, Continuous Thread Caps, Fittings, Necks and Spouts

We manufacture a broad array of fittings, necks, nozzles, spouts and closures for our tin packaging. These include clinch and international straight neck closures, pour top nozzle and plug, pull out spout assembly and inner seals with wick holes and vents. Extend your product line by adding function to your packaging.

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Industrial Cans

General Line and Industrial Cans

Our industrial cans include special designs, testing and enhanced quality assurance procedures to insure consistent production and product performance. Our line of industrial cans includes welding rod containers, lighter fluid cans, tobacco tins, military, wax, ezo hermetic, filter cans and more.

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Custom Signs

Round and Rectangular Tin Signs

Companies have used metal signs to commemorate milestones and increase the visibility of their brand beyond their packaging. Our rectangular signs are hemmed with holes for hanging and round signs and street signs have a rolled edge.

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Earth-friendly Packaging Materials

Because of their beauty and reusability, tins are collected, refilled and displayed in homes and establishments. They become part of the gift and require no secondary packaging. If a tin can does make its way to a landfill, it can be separated easily by a magnet. The lifecycle of a steel package is infinite and doesn't lose its quality or durability.

Industry-leading Technology and Manufacturing

We are driven by the desire to innovate and the passion to achieving top quality products. Working with the latest design and engineering technology, we guide customers through every step of new package development and improvement. We can design, build and install tools to create virtually any size or shape can the marketplace demands. Using 3D modeling and computer Numeric Controlled Machining software helps us to prototype or modify containers and relay concepts to our customers more quickly.

Quality Assurance

Experience and technology behind a quality product

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Technology & Innovation

State-of-the-art printing lines, high-speed coating, and the latest pre-press and plate making technology

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Lean Manufacturing

All major manufacturing processes are handled in-house from concept to completion

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Design & Engineering

We have the ability to design and create virtually any size or shape tin container

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