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Military Cans

Specialty Ellisco military metal cans and specialty containers.

Specialty Containers for the Military

Independent Can takes great pride in manufacturing the brawny, bold Military Cans. Ellisco brand products include metal cans for industrial, consumer, and military applications in a broad range of sizes, opening styles and unique features. The exceptional quality of our products allows us to work with a number of government agencies, government contractors and military agencies to develop custom military containers for a variety of applications.

High-performance Metal Packaging

We work with military specifications and highly-specialized orders. We have the experience, tooling, equipment and processes required to design and produce high-performance packaging for the specialty chemical and nuclear industries. In-house product development and tooling construction allows us to reduce lead times and development costs. Packaging substrates include tinplated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel.

Custom Shapes and Sizes

We have stock tools to produce empty military containers with diameters ranging from less than 1 inch to greater than 18 inches. Heights can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, and in some cases can exceed 24 inches. Shapes include rounds, squares, ovals and oblong rectangles. Various purpose-built opening styles are available, including tear strips, easy-open ends, slip covers, brush tops, single/double-friction plugs, seamed ends and threaded caps.


Ellisco metal packaging is used for a variety of applications across a range of industries. Our sales staff, engineers, and designers can work with you to develop custom metal packaging to fit your specific needs. Typical application examples of Ellisco metal packaging include:

Military Cans for Defense Industry

  • MIL and Government specification requirements for plain, painted, and lithographed cans
  • Tear-strip cans, key-opening cans, double-end canisters for filters, pyrotechnics, incendiary devices, smoke grenades, oxygen candles, lithium hydroxide systems, explosive charges, etc.
  • Rigid metal packaging for high-abuse, long term shelf life applications
  • Packaging and components subject to MIL PPP-C-96E, MIL-C-10464F, PPP-C-186

Empty Containers for Hazardous Materials

  • Reinforced, leak-tight, corrosion-resistant cans (lithium metal, overpack cans)
  • Nuclear
  • Nickel and stainless steel canisters for nuclear industry applications

Metal Can Chemical Packaging

  • Fire-protective containers for laboratory grade chemicals (ethyl ether, methanol, acetone, etc.)
  • Hazardous chemical, primary and metal overpack containers

Filter Packaging for Military Cans & Specialty Containers

  • Hazardous chemical, primary and metal overpack containers
  • Tinplate and aluminum packaging for desiccant media

Custom Containers for Medical Storage

  • Rigid metal packaging for field medical supplies (meeting high-abuse requirements)
  • Medical waste containers

Media Containers

  • Film canisters for spools and reels (archive packaging for movie reels)

Military Cans for International Transport

  • Primary and secondary packaging to meet various shipping requirements

The History of Ellisco

1843 — George D. Ellis & Sons Inc., manufacturer of specialty metal containers, established in Philadelphia, PA.

Post 1900 — George D. Ellis & Sons, Inc. becomes Ellisco, Inc., and continues manufacturing metal containers in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

Ellisco metal container location

Ellisco, Inc. operates two manufacturing facilities in the Philadephia area, including the Ellisco, Inc. Myers Manufacturing Division located in Pennsauken, NJ, and the Ellisco, Inc. Can Division located at the intersection of North American & West Luzerne Streets in Philadelphia, PA. The Myers Division manufactures specialty metal seamless tins. The Can Division produces three-piece metal packaging and specialty metal products for the petroleum industry.

1986 — Ellisco, Inc. is acquired by CSS Industries. At this point in time, Ellisco manufactures metal containers for shoe polish, paint, food, and specialty applications. Approximately 12% of the business revenue is from metal packaging and devices supplied to United States Government subcontractors.

CSS Industries forms Ellisco Co., merging the assets from five metal packaging manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia. In the following years, the Myers Can Division is moved to Baltimore, MD and merged with Ellisco’s Columbia Specialty plant, located at 6301 Eastern Avenue.

1994 — Ellisco is acquired by U.S. Can. At the time, US Can is the leading supplier of aerosol cans and paint cans to the US market. US Can is also a leader in specialty general line packaging.

Under US Can, the Ellisco Can Division is moved from Philadelphia, PA to Baltimore, MD and merged with the Steeltin Plant. Columbia Specialty, including the assets from the former Ellisco Myers Division, is also moved four miles northeast to the Steeltin Plant.

2006 — Ball acquires U.S. Can, including the Steeltin Plant and its manufacturing assets from the former Ellisco Company. The Ellisco heritage is a perfect fit with Ball, the 125 year old manufacturer of high quality metal containers. The Steeltin Plant becomes Ball’s Baltimore facility.

Today — Ellisco products continue to be manufactured at the Baltimore facility, previously owned by Ball, now owned by Independent Can. We maintain a cataloged archive of over 600 dies and tools to produce Ellisco-heritage products.

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