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Pet Products Stand Out in Specialty Metal Packaging.

Specialty decorative locked seam, seamless and hermetic options in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Build Your Brand with Specialty Tin Packaging Solutions

Metal packaging protects, preserves and promotes!

The pet products industry has exceeded 1 billion dollars in sales. Pets are like family and consumers don't hesitate to spend on their food, grooming, health and gifts.

Brand loyalty has more to do with trust in the brand than the price. Consumers want certainty and are increasingly interested in natural foods and supplements for their pets.

Pet care products including paw salves, flee and tick collars and pharmaceuticals benefit from our seamless packaging options.

In a noisy world of advertisement and crowded shelf space, it is critical that your product stands out from the competition. Eighty percent of consumers will try something new based on the packaging alone. Independent Can has the largest portfolio of specialty packaging solutions in the country, including hermetic cans to extend shelf life and protect products from air, light, moisture and contaminants.

Pet Product Offerings

Hermetic Packaging

Hermetic packaging is perfect for dry or semi-moist treats and nutritional supplements. Learn more.

Seamless Cans

Seamless tins are perfect packaging for pet collars, salves and treats. We have the largest portfolio of seamless packaging - stock and custom programs. Learn more.

Tapered Cans for Promotion and Storage

Our large tapered pails are great containers for pet foods. This promotional but practical item would be a lasting advertisement. Learn more.

Locked Seam Decorative Tins

Locked seams decorative tins come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Our stock tin program includes a paw print tins for treats and other applications. Learn more.

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Use of tin packaging is limited only by your imagination. Special finishes, high-resolution graphics, reflectivity and embossing are just some of the possibilities.

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