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Decorative Tins

Our custom, decorative tins are perfect for baked goods, confections, gifts, snack foods, coffee, cosmetics, candles, promotions and more.

Empty Wholesale Tins for Manufacturers and Fillers

We feature a true year-round program for stock wholesale decorative tins that ensures availability of tins when customers need them. You can see and feel our quality difference. Digitally printed substitutes cannot compare to the beauty of a lithographed tin. More than just cookie tins, this program features tin packaging in a broad range of sizes, designs and/or fancy shapes from small, drawn seamless tins to large popcorn pails. Click here to view our stock catalog.

Our line of stock decorative tins is designed to offer metal packaging options for small and large users and provide an opportunity to test the marketplace without significant inventory investment and start up costs. They make perfect candy tins, gift packaging, popcorn buckets, candle tins, promotion packaging and more.

Reflectivity Without Foils

Our Stock Decorative Tin Program features a number of beautiful, reflective tins. Printing directly on the bright tin, reflectivity can be achieved without impacting the recyclability of the can. Our Swirling Snow can family features gold, silver and white in a pattern that mimics the snow swirling as it falls to the ground. Decorative tins are premium packaging that become part of the gift.

We can print entirely opaque, entirely reflective and with partial reflectivity. Continuous reinvestment in our metal decorating capabilities, ensures a consistently repeatable, superior result.

Other packaging ads foils and polymers that keeps paper bags and boxes from being recyclable. Inks, coatings and labels burn off in the recycling process. The entire package is infinitely recyclable without loss of quality.

Photo Quality Detail

Our high-definition, award winning lithography, delivers near-photo quality. This beautiful artwork by Michael Shelton, is full of wonderful detail. None of the quality of the original art is lost in our transfer of the graphics to metal.

Decorative tins tell stories and take you places. Independent Can features a broad range of designs and themes in our year-round stock program - the only on in the USA. Our custom capabilities can put your story, design or logo on a premium package that will help to build your brand.

Our teams in prepress and lithography have decades of experience processing artwork and printing for maximum aesthetic results. We top it off with matte, gloss or textured varnish. When you put your design in our hands, you can relax and let us work our magic!

Competitive Advantages

Our Year-round Stock Program

  • Stock Program Factory-direct orders $1000.00 minimum (full pallets of each SKU with the exception of seamless cans and accessories)
  • Stocking Distributors nationwide, for smaller orders
  • Licensed and original designs for holiday and all occasions
  • Stock Solid color tins in all sizes for silk screening or labeling
  • Year-round availability and 2-3 week lead time
  • Responsive, experienced customer service staff
  • Largest variety in the country
  • Exceptional print quality
  • Availability of accessories – bands, pads, inserts, reship cartons
  • SQF Certified facilities – high standards for food contact packaging
  • Audited and approved by national brands and companies such as Kraft, Nestle,Target, and more.

Market-tested Shapes and Sizes

We have the largest portfolio of market-tested shapes and sizes in the country. Our domestic tooling includes squares, octagons, rectangles, ovals, cut corners, many diameters of round cans and fancy shapes such as scallops. For a full listing of our capabilities, view our size reference chart.

Custom Decorative Tin Ordering Details

Our favorable lead-times and low minimums make it possible to provide custom promotional packaging that meets your deadline and your expectations. Having all services in-house from artwork processing, award winning metal lithography and can manufacturing allows us to control the timing and quality of your custom packaging from start to finish.

Lead time: 4 – 6 weeks from approved art


  • Round cans 5,000 -10,000, shape cans 15-25,000
  • Larger Popcorn Tins – 3000 for 3-1/2 gal, 2000 for 6-1/2 gallon

The expected lead time for CUSTOM Tins needed is 6-8 weeks from approved artwork and required minimums are 5,000 -10,000 for round cans, 15-25,000 for shape cans and 3,000 for 3-1/2 gal., 2000 for 6-1/2 gal. for larger popcorn tins.

For orders less than 5000, you may select from our STOCK PROGRAM. We have largest year-round program from round, shallow cookie tins to larger popcorn cans. We also have a full line of seamless tins.

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