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Seamless Candle Tins

Custom, seamless tin packaging for candles made out of a single piece of steel.

Tin Packaging that's Perfect for Candles

Our line of seamless tins are perfect for candles! Formed from a single piece of steel, there is no seam, so the candle wax will be entirely contained and nothing will leak. Also, tins are the most earth-friendly packaging for candles. Steel is 100% infinitely recyclable, without loss of quality. Decorative metal packaging is collectible and becomes part of the gift. It eliminates the need for secondary packaging.

Factory-direct minimum order for stock seamless tins $1000.00.

For smaller orders, please contact our sales team for a distributor referral.

Custom Decorative Candle Tins

Our stock decorative tin assortment includes a wide variety of seamless tins available year round. Larger locked seam cans are great for samplers or gift sets. You could house four or more mini candles in a square or rectangular tin with a window lid. Wrap it up with a bow and it becomes a perfect gift that requires no extra packaging.

As with all of our decorative cans, our candle tins can be customized with your artwork or embossed with your logo. Reflective tin adds an element of sparkle that can be made to show through transparent inks and coatings.

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