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Hermetically-sealed Coffee Cans

Showcase your quality coffee with hermetically-sealed tin can packaging. We can create a variety of custom solutions to fit your needs!

Why hermetic cans for your coffee packaging?

Hermetic cans protect the quality of your coffee like no other form of packaging can. Air-tight, hermetically-sealed tin packaging provides durability and stability that will safely deliver your coffee to your customer. Additionally, the shelf-life of coffee kept in hermetic tin cans is much longer compared to other storage methods. Once your customer brings home and opens their can, the coffee inside will continue to keep its quality for a long time.

Custom Coffee Tin Solutions

Coffee tin packaging provides a timeless and quality shelf-appeal that is sure to help your coffee stand out from other brands. Tin packaging with vibrant graphics, reflectivity or embossing is hard to overlook. The superior look and feel of custom tins give the impression of quality. The collectability helps to sell the product inside and provides a lasting advertisement.

With our unlimited selection of custom, decorative options, as well as our ability to create a new design to fit your brand, we're confident that we can produce tin packaging to fit your coffee product requirements. We also offer the option of a decorative metal snap cover that can be printed and/or embossed with the customer's design or logo. It is a great way to finish off the can and make it a collectible.

Coffee Packaging that is Environmentally-friendly

We understand your need for a well designed, air-tight coffee package that makes no excuses when it comes to sustainability. It’s a major advantage that metal packaging is infinitely recyclable.

Steel is unique in that it can be recycled over and over again without degradation of quality. It embodies a circular economy as it goes from steelmaking to manufacturing to consumer to post-consumer recycling. Once the can is recycled, it can become any number of things: part of a bridge, a support beam, a bike, a travel mug, a playground, another coffee can, etc. When metal products are thrown away, they are retrieved from landfill waste by magnet and then properly recycled. For these reasons, the world recycling rate of steel has consistently ranged from 70-90% every year. It is the #1 most recycled material- more than aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic combined!

Contemporary Nostalgia and Brand Recognition

Classic, reliable, and enduring. Cans embody contemporary nostalgia; they were a staple in the American home for decades and have surged in popularity again. Brand recognition is another reason to consider coffee cans. A branded metal coffee can has a higher perceived value and stands out on a shelf full of bags. You often see vintage tins decorating restaurants, stores, and homes. Metal packaging is collectible and reusable, serving as a lasting advertisement for the product it once contained. Wrappers, bags, and boxes are typically thrown away or recycled.

Ends Available

Our hermetic can program offers a variety of ends and closures. For coffee, peanut and food cans we offer Safe Seal, Valve Ends, EZO, Sanitary and Plug foil closures. We also offer decorative metal snap covers that can be printed and/or embossed to finish off a collectible package.

Hermetically sealed cans, with any of our closures gives coffee a minimum shelf life of 5 months without the seal broken. Once the seal is broken, the coffee remains fresh for an additional month. Metal packaging provides better hermetic seals because metal has better sealing properties to restrict the flow of gases. Metal packaging products are less prone to breakage during transit.

Independent Can is happy to recommend and introduce your company to the supplier of seaming equipment. They have decades of experience working with our cans and our customers.

Decorative Snap Covers

Independent Can offers Decorative Snap covers for our coffee cans. The Snap Cover completes the metal package and makes it a collectible. After the original seal is broken, the Snap Cover closes the can and makes it a collectible or reusable package. It remains a 100% infinitely recyclable package.

Snap covers can be embossed, coated, and printed with your design or logo.

401 x 508 Stock

These beaded, welded cans with plain ends are 4 1/16" in diameter by 5 1/2" tall. The minimum order is 1 pallet or 968 cans.

401 x 700 Stock

These straight, welded cans with plain ends are 4 1/6" in diameter by 7" tall. The minimum order is 1 pallet or 726 cans.

401 x 508 Custom

These beaded or straight sided, welded cans with plain ends are 4 1/16" in diameter by 5 1/2" tall. The typical order assumes 4-color process print specifications and the minimum order is 10,000 cans.

401 x 700 Custom

These straight-sided, welded cans with plain ends are 4 1/16" in diameter by 7" tall. The typical order assumes 4-color process print specifications and the minimum order is 10,000 cans.

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