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Why Tin Packaging?

Major Brands Make Their Statement with Steel

Celebrating more than 90 years as a domestic manufacturer of distinctive, decorative tin packaging, our broad range of market-tested shapes, sizes provide packaging solutions for products and promotions. Corporate initiatives throughout the world involve the pursuit of packaging that doesn’t just have an extended life cycle on the way to the landfill.  Tin-plated steel packaging projects quality, stability and corporate responsibility. 

Packaging is the face of your company and product in the marketplace. Consumer engagement with an eye-catching package is enhance by its compatibility with the company’s commitment to the environment.

Steel Packaging is the most Sustainable Choice

Tins add value and shelf appeal. You can rely on our top quality custom printing and standout service. Because tins are collectable and part of the gift, they are rarely thrown away. The beauty and durability of the tin eliminates the need for secondary packaging, which is easier on the environment and your budget. A tin container is 100% infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. Steel is recycled more than paper, plastic, glass and aluminum combined! We make the case in our video >>>

Key Benefits

Here are a few key benefits to choosing tin packaging with Independent Can:

  • Stunning Custom Graphics
  • Eye-catching Metallic Reflectivity
  • Specialty Varnishes
  • Precise Embossing
  • Shelf Impact
  • Reusable, Collectible, Recyclable
  • Retail Ready Packaging
  • Easy fulfillment
  • Award-Winning Custom Printing
  • World Class Packaging
  • Prompt, Personal Service
  • Best Lead Time In the Industry
  • Stock and Custom Options
  • Sizes and Shapes for Every Product

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