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Hermetic Cans

Air-tight, hermetically-sealed tin packaging provides shelf-appeal and stability to your product.

Hermetic Cans Preserve Freshness

An air-tight, hermetically-sealed, tin packaging provides shelf-appeal and stability. Buy from a domestic, specialty packaging manufacturer with the ability to print your design or logo. For coffee, peanuts, supplements baby formula and other food products, we have the packaging solutions – stock and custom. We offer a wide variety of closures and ends including EZO, Peel Off and valve ends. We also feature a decorative snap cover as a finishing touch to close the container after opening!

For Dry Food Products

Freshness and safety are more important now than ever. Hermetic packaging protects from moisture, light, and contaminants. Vital products such as baby formula benefit from these qualities. Having shelf-stable products on hand contributes to the health and security of your family. Oatmeal, nutritional supplements, protein powders, and other dry foods are protected and preserved by metal cans. Steel is impermeable and easily disinfected. Learn more about our hermetic food cans.

For Peanuts

Hermetically sealed cans are the perfect packaging for nuts, cashews, nut mixes, confections and more. Decorative peanut tins and hermetically sealed tins increase shelf life and stand out among films and bags. Custom decorative nut tins make great gifts and serve as a lasting advertisement for your brand.

Independent Can offers stock and custom tins for nuts with a variety of closures that preserve freshness. Our metal snap cover provides a decorative way to re-close the can after the hermetic seal is broken. Metal snap covers serve as extra design space for your branding and makes the can more collectible. In addition to hermetic tins, we manufacture locked-seam gift tins with multi-compartment liners for a variety of nuts. Nut tins and covers can be printed with award-winning graphics, embossed or labeled. Peanut cans are a nice addition to gift baskets.

For Coffee

Looking for a domestic source for your coffee cans? We manufacture wholesale hermetically sealed cans for the coffee industry. We also have canister style, decorative coffee tins for gift sets and bagged coffee.

Independent Can offers a variety of stock and custom coffee tins ideal for specialty roasts. We service roasteries, both large and small. Decorative tin gift containers and air-tight, hermetically sealed cans are available. Our coffee cans have reflectivity without foils and shelf stability without plastic valves or poly liners. We produce a range of specialty closures such as easy open and valve ends. We also offer decorative metal over-caps that can be printed or embossed. Once the hermetic seal is removed the container can be closed with an attractive custom option. Natural plastics over-caps are available from stock.

For Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements that are either dry or semi-moist powders, benefit from air-tight metal packaging. Tins protect from light and air. They also keep out moisture and prevent condensation and mold from forming. They offer shelf-stability and are 100% infinitely recyclable. Tin packaging is a huge differentiator in the nutritional products market. Most are in tubs that are made of colored plastic - even more difficult to recycle. Hermetic cans are available with a plug top that will stay on in a gym bag or on the go.

Most health conscious consumers are concerned about the environment. Every can contains recycled steel and will become a steel product again without loss of quality when recycled.

Infant Formula

Safety is paramount for infant formula packaging. All of our facilities that handle food contact packaging are now Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified including Belcamp and Rosedale Maryland, and Vandalia, Ohio,

Other benefits of hermetic packaging from Independent Can:

  • Counterfeit identification
  • Readability of nutritional information and warnings
  • Color consistency and branding
  • Barcode and QR code scanning

Ends and Closures available

Our hermetic can program offers a variety of ends and closures. For coffee, peanut and food cans we offer Safe Seal, Valve Ends, EZO, Sanitary and Plug foil closures. We also offer decorative metal snap covers that can be printed and/or embossed to finish off a collectible package.

Independent Can is happy to recommend and introduce your company to the supplier of seaming equipment. They have decades of experience working with our cans and our customers.

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Minimum order requirements:

  • Stock: Hermetic cans for labeling are sold in plain tin by the pallet with sleeves of ends and plastic overcaps.
  • Custom Printed Tins: ranges from 5,000 – 25,000 cans depending on the size.


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