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Hermetic Tin Packaging for Infant Formula

Air-tight metal packaging promotes, protects and preserves infant formula and dry baby foods. Our inks and coatings are FDA approved and so is the tin-plated steel used to make the cans. Our facilities are audited annually by the Safe Quality Food Institute. All facilities that handle food contact packaging are SQF certified.

Tin Packaging for infant formula and dried baby foods are 100% infinitely recyclable without loss of quality.

Branding and Print Quality

Independent Can is an award-winning metal lithographer and can manufacturer. Critical information regarding nutritional information, allergens, use instructions and bar codes are printed with crispness and readability.

Consumers trust hermetic packaging to protect the product inside and ensure freshness. Hermetic tin infant formula packaging keeps baby food and formula fresh and free from contaminants while getting attention on the shelf. Custom tin packaging has shelf appeal. Nearly 80% of consumers will try a new product just based on the package. Reflectivity can be achieved by allowing the bright tin to show through the inks and coatings. Counterfeit protection is another benefit of high definition graphics on metal.

Packaging that Consumers Trust

Why cans?

When it comes to infant formula packaging, we meet the highest standards as a SQFI (Safe Quality Food Institute) certified facility. ICC meets the high standard for food-contact packaging and is audited and recertified annually. During the pandemic, customers were concerned about contamination and shelf life. When supply chain issues caused families to worry, ICC kept our customers supplied with essential packaging.

A 100% infinitely recyclable package ensures a bright future for those little ones. Tin packaging made from steel never has to end up in a landfill. In addition to easy recycling, curbside, separation by magnet enables low cost separation from the waste stream.

An optional D-shaped closure allows for a straight edge to level off the formula for precise measurement. This is just one of many air-tight metal closure options offered for hermetic cans.

Safe and Infinitely Recyclable Tin Packaging

Families are more concerned about health and safety now more than ever. At the same time, they want a clean environment for their children. Air-tight metal packaging for infant formula and dried baby food addresses both concerns. Plastic containers have an extended lifecycle that ends in the landfill. Visit our sustainability page to learn more.

Watch our video below and visit our hermetic tins page for food cans for more detailed information on sizes available.

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