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Seamless Tins

Seamless tins are perfect packaging for salves, balms, cosmetics, candles, mints and more. They are drawn and formed in one operation from tin-plated steel and are perfect for moist or fine products.

Largest Seamless Tin Portfolio in the Country

We have the largest portfolio of quality, seamless tins in the country. Our stock and custom offerings include shallow from ΒΌ oz. to 8 oz. as well as deep drawn from 1 oz. to 16 oz. There are window lid options in many sizes. In addition, we offer metallic gold and matte black, slide-top, Clic-Clac and hinged specialty tins in our stock programs. Custom options include printing as well as embossing. Available sizes are shown in our stock catalog. For more options, see our size reference chart.

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Factory-direct minimum order for stock seamless tins $1000.00

For smaller orders, please contact our sales team for a distributor referral.

Packaging for Moist and Fine Products

Seamless tins are drawn and formed in one operation from tin-plated steel. Because they have no seam they are perfect for moist or fine products that may leak out of a side or bottom seam in other types of tin cans. Seamless tins are a great choice for candles, cosmetics, mints and more. We offer stock and custom tin options including window lids for most sizes. Our stock seamless program has a $1,000.00 minimum but the one SKU per pallet requirement does not apply to this product line.

Seamless tins are also ideal packaging for confections, herbs, cocoa, and accessories. Decorative drawn tins make a perfect point of purchase attention grabber. Tin containers are great for health and beauty packaging, travel tins and pocket packs.

Custom Tin Options

We manufacture shallow and deep drawn tin containers with a variety of closures and special features:

  • Seamless tins with window lids
  • Screw top drawn tins
  • Embossed lid and bottom areas for private labeling
  • Feet on the bottom for candle tins (custom only)
  • Decorative embossing option on lid of most cans (custom only)
  • Custom printing of logo or design on a tin (custom only)
  • Combination materials (stock and custom)

View our size reference charts for more information.

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About the Can

Approximate Dimensions

If Shallow Round:

If Screw Top:

Deep Drawn or Candle Tins:

About the Art

General Information

Additional Product Categories

Screw Top Tins

Independent Can offers three sizes of Screw Top Tins in our stock program.

2-9/16" x 7/8"(2 oz.)

3" x 7/8" (4 oz.)

3-1/8" x 1-15/16" (8 oz.)

For all available sizes, view our size reference chart.

Color Coated Seamless Tins

Independent can stocks color coated tins and black and gold.


2-1/16" x 1-3/8" (2 oz)

2-9/16" x 1-11/16" (4 oz)

2-1/13/16" (6 oz)

2-1/8" x 1-15/16" (8 oz)


6 oz and 8 oz.

Seamless Tins with Window Lids

Window lids are available on many of our standard round seamless tins. (cans and covers sold separately)


2-13/16", 3-1/8", 3-9/16" and 4"

We also feature a square with cover included (76 x76x49mm ht.)

Label Stick Tins

We feature tins that are sold with labels affixed. These are perfect for samples and testing.

1-9/16" x 1/2"

1-13/16" x 5/8"

2-1/2" x 13/16"

3-3/16" x 11/16"

Other Seamless Products

Independent Can features a variety of other seamless tins with special features such as clic clac, hinges and slide tops. See our Stock Catalog, page 20 for more details.

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