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Quality Assurance

Engineering Packaging Innovation

We are driven by the desire to innovate and the passion for achieving top quality. Working with the latest design and engineering technology, we guide customers through every step of new package development and improvement. We can design, build and install tools to create virtually any size or shape can the marketplace demands. Using 3D modeling and computer Numeric Controlled Machining software helps us to prototype or modify containers and relay concepts to our customers more quickly.


Through automation we have been able to increase efficiency, shorten lead-times and contain costs. In addition to better performance, we are freeing up our skilled labor to apply their talents to other areas of the operation. Automation minimizes workplace injuries. A safe and fulfilled workforce produces superior results. One of the most important benefits is consistently repeatable quality and availability of product in a competitive marketplace.

Our customers change what we do every day. Changing expectations drive our investments. (Rick Huether, President and CEO)


Throughout more than 80 years as a domestic manufacturer of specialty metal packaging, meeting or exceeding customer expectations has been the motivator for our continuous investment, diversification and growth. Continuously improving the manufacturing process is a critical part of being able to support our customers. This is being accomplished through the latest high-speed, energy-efficient technology in printing and manufacturing.


Throughout all of our processes we measure, test, calibrate and sync our equipment. Our people are trained and experienced. The latest technology serves as an extra measure of quality assurance. We have installed in-line inspection cameras and other testing technology on our coating, printing and can manufacturing equipment. Our latest investment includes a full-sheet vision inspection system on our 6-color printing line. It is the first of its kind in the US. It all begins with great printing!


We meet the high standards for food contact packaging according to the American Institute of Baking (AIB) and the many national companies that have conducted audits in our facilities. Throughout all of our processes, we employ best manufacturing practices. We log results and document improvements. Our facilities are clean and orderly. Our employees are attuned to the unique safety and handling requirements for each specialty tin project. These sound practices benefit customers from every market.

For food-contact packaging, our inks and coatings are FDA approved. Tin-plated steel itself is food-safe.

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