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Oct 29th, 2019

Consumers Want Healthy Products and a Clean Environment - You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Shelf-Life for Sustainability

A recent article in Packaging World Magazine, entitled Consumers Want Sustainable Nutraceuticals Packaging but Shelf-Life Blurs the Picture, focuses on the challenges of finding affordable, sustainable packaging without sacrificing shelf-life. Manufacturers need a shelf life of at least two years. Most biodegradable packaging is too expensive and, for the time being, the selection is limited.

One problem I have seen is that shelf life takes a hit with recyclable materials. A six-month shelf life is too short, but what I see with recyclable materials. I cannot ship to Taiwan with a six-month shelf life. I need at least two years.

A VP of Global Sourcing from a dietary supplement and functional foods company

Everything old is new again. For decades, hermetically-sealed tin cans have been have been the shelf-life champions. The options for labeling or custom printing allow for branding without impacting recyclability. Cans protect products from air, moisture and light. They are easy to fill, multi-layer stackable and sturdy. Cans have been a preferred way to preserve food and extend the harvest. Hermetic cans keep out bacteria and other contaminants.  In stable temperatures, hermetically-sealed cans will preserve food products for 4- 5 years. 

Consumers are focused on a healthy lifestyle as well as a clean environment. Manufacturers are working to eliminate packaging that does not align with their company values and brand image. The move away from plastics and other temporary packaging is accelerating.

Consider closed-loop metal recycling when making your packaging decisions and transitions.  Watch our short video to learn more.

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