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Jan 16th, 2018

Often, a brand will introduce a new package design and their sales will increase. The redesign makes they product look as if it has improved or is more attention-getting. There are also times when a package design can alienate a loyal customer because the brand identity has become synonymous with the product. How can companies avoid the risks without missing opportunities to increase sales?  Digital printing is the answer.

Notice: As of April 2022, Independent Can will no longer offer digital printing.

Online marketers need to select the right key words in order to rank in digital advertising. Using a number of different key words and text ads to see which perform better, is key to spending your budget efficiently while learning of the best way to get your customer’s attention. If buyers had the opportunity to introduce several new package designs into the marketplace at the same time, it would be easier to gauge customer impact.   Digital printing allows for smaller minimums and speed to market. If an item is taking off, reruns can be done quickly while the decision to introduce the new packaging on a larger scale is in the works.

Brand Packaging Magazine recently wrote about this topic. “A product packaging is essentially the “face” of the product, it’s critical to test the packaging with consumers before the product launch to ensure it fits with their needs and aspirations.” Read the full article.

A limited edition would also be a great test, while at the same time, a promotional opportunity. Hoopers Island Oyster Company used a digitally printed decorative pail as a Limited Edition Heritage Tin to promote their delectable oysters. Ask your sales representative about our new digital capabilities.


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