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Nov 22nd, 2019

Why would the manufacturers of premium liquor spend so much money and creativity on their bottles? With all of the choices consumers have, they want to stand out. Today’s consumers are focused on “customer experience”. A beautifully decorated bottle gives the perception of distinction and the quality of the product inside. That is a great strategy for the bar, restaurant or liquor store shelf.

Adult beverages are great holiday and house-warming gifts. Glass is recyclable but fragile. External packaging is required, especially for e-commerce gift giving. Why would brand owners put a beautiful bottle in a box or bag that doesn’t project the same high-end image? Decorative tin packaging is exciting and versatile. All of the beauty and intricacy of the bottle design can be shown on the outside, including embossing with high definition printing. Reflectivity is a natural benefit of metal packaging. It is also 100% infinitely recyclable. Metallic bags or boxes often contain laminated foils that prohibit recycling.

For decades, Independent Can has been manufacturing gift packaging for the spirits industry. Some of these beauties are more than 20 years old and are still a lasting advertisement for the original product. As we have said before, tins have been around for decades but they are still the best modern solution for brand promotion and sustainability.


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