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Aug 9th, 2016

Facing more competition from fresh foods, manufacturers of canned fruits and vegetables are searching for a solution to allow customers to see their actual products instead of just a photo on a label. A healthy product in recyclable packaging is the goal. The “clear can” has emerged as an attractive solution for these companies. Read more

As we have blogged before, health-conscious consumers seem to have greater concerns about the impact their packaging choices have on the environment. Being light in weight, they claim less of an impact on the environment due to reduced use of fossil fuels in transportation.  But does this container qualify as recyclable packaging? 

Combining plastic and steel is very much like lining paper with poly or foil. The paper itself is recyclable but there is no efficient way to separate the other materials in preparation for recycling.

The article below from Packaging World Magazine, The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has advised that these plastic/metal containers contaminate the waste stream and cannot be considered recyclable. Although PET, steel and aluminum can be recycled separately, there is no current solution for separating the seamed on metal end at the recycling facilities. Read the full article.


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