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Sept 9th, 2018

As we enter the fall season it is a good time to reflect on where we are as a business and what we are doing to provide value for our customers. There is no one factor that permits a company to be successful and thrive over long periods of time as there are so many dynamics that come to play: technology, financial ability, capability and skills, continuous improvement, change and enthusiasm for doing what the business does. All of these are very important but they need people that want to be involved, develop their skills and that are empowered to be successful.

Independent Can is a family business: What does this mean to me?

  • The business is owned by a family and we have the second, third and fourth generations active in the business every day.
  • We have many associates that have their family members’ active in the business.
  • All decisions concerning investments are related to how it will affect our associates: job security, career path and opportunities.

Independent Can has a rich History:

Incorporated in December 1928 and made the first can in January 1029

  • Parker family founded the business
  • Huether family bought the business in 1948
  • Tins made for: seafood, eggs, peanut butter, lard, grease, cottage cheese etc.
  • 1979- committed to remaining private
  • Invested in what is today our corporate headquarters and a 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility
  • Built a plant in Fort Madison, Iowa
  • 1981- entered the welding rod can business through an acquisition
  • 1986- entered the can distribution business through an acquisition
  • 1990- entered the metal decorating business to support internal printing needs
  • 1993- expanded decorative tin business into making irregular shaped tins
  • 2004- installed the first 6 color Metalstar print line in USA
  • 2006- Acquired Crawford Can
  • 2007- Acquired Bertels Can
  • 2014- Built a state of the art lithography and can plant in Vandalia, Ohio
  • 2016- Acquired Steeltin can plant of Ball Corporation
  • 2018- Installing a world class ERP to provide data required to manage a complex business

All of this is very interesting, however, without the people to make this work it would not have been possible. We are very proud of the long tenured associates and their commitment to making us successful.

Strategic Planning: We have had a strategic planning process, for many years, focusing on all aspects of the business; technical, facilities; logistical support of our customers, etc., but the most important part of the strategic plan has been to manage our culture.

In the Strategic Planning process we that executed in 2017 -18, we reviewed our Mission, Vision and the Values and we have updated them to reflect the realities of today’s employees, markets and customer expectations.



Sense of Urgency

Market, Customer & Improvement Driven




Mission Statement

Tailored Packaging Solutions – Building Brands

 We are the premier manufacturer & supplier of innovative, high quality metal packaging solutions and market leading lithography. We empower our highly skilled and trained employees in a safe, respectful, and stable environment with opportunities for growth. By successfully partnering with our customers to build their brands, Independent Can Company will have the following results:

Loyal Employees, Loyal Customers, Job Security, Profits sufficient to meet reinvestment needs, and a Fair Return for the Shareholders.

Vision Statement

Capable, skilled and committed employees delivering exceptional service and value by providing tailored packaging solutions to our customers.

Today we have 400 associates and as a result many of our newer hires are learning what has made us successful where other specialty can companies have failed. We are working with all locations and associates to become the employer of choice while providing excellent products and services to our customers.

Rick Huether

President and CEO

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