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May 29th, 2021

Global Shipping Concerns

Supply chain disruption was of great concern during height of the pandemic but with demand increasing, getting products from one place to another has become even more of a challenge as the worst of the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror. As demand for imports continue to rise, everything in the trans-pacific market is sold out.

As companies ramp up and restock, imports are outpacing retail sales growth. There is a large export backlog waiting to ship due to lack of container availability and ship slots.

Contract rates are being negotiated a 30% - 50% increases. Those without contracts in place are subject to the spot market. Spot market premiums are back with a vengeance.

Domestic Supply

A US manufacturer like Independent Can can offer more favorable lead-times and greater certainty. We are experiencing increased demands, raw material shortages and price increases just like other companies. We are in better shape than most because of our strategic supply chain, advanced forecasting, redundant manufacturing facilities, joint ventures and logistics expertise.

Redundant equipment and manufacturing facilities give us the flexibility to balance our workload and keep things moving. Cross trained specialists keep materials in supply, jobs moving and equipment functioning. We are grateful to our suppliers and our skilled staff and most importantly, our loyal customers that have entrusted us with their programs.