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Mar 10th, 2023

Contemporary Nostalgia

One of this year’s packaging trends is to return to a nostalgic look. Revisiting fonts, colors and graphics that are reminiscent of days gone by, can be an advantage to a brand. Evoking those childhood memories may result in a spontaneous purchase of an item that the buyer hadn’t thought about for years.

If you can attach your brand to a memory, it may be particularly appealing, especially in turbulent times. The most effective approach in marketing and in sales, for that matter, begins with a story. The package may tell the brand’s story or remind the consumer of stories from their childhood.

Properly executed “New Stalgia” can attract a whole new generation of buyers. “I ate those when I was a kid!” may be just the right endorsement.”

In Packaging World's article entitled Four Packaging Design Trends for 2023, Caitlin Collins said, "In a world full of uncertainty, it’s no surprise that many consumers are seeking comfort, and brands are looking to past eras to provide it." She also said that if the design feels carefree and happy, while offering a bit of intrigue as to what’s inside the packaging, it could be a particularly effective option for a limited gift box. 

Below is a closeup of a tin package that ICC printed and manufactured to like it was many decade's old, with the originally styled mascot, complete with gaps in the lithography to appear as scratches down the the metal!

Tins are a permanent advertisement when they are collected and displayed by consumers and in businesses. Vintage tins are a popular item on eBay for brand loyalists and bring a good price.

The nostalgic tin below was made to commemorate the late 1950s-themed TV show, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The tin features a popular character - another packaging trend. It would look pretty much the same if it had been produced back then.

We have cans in our archives that are many decade's old such as the Esskay tin below. As you can see, other than damage, the graphics and colors are as they were when first printed.

In the 1800s, biscuit tins were given as gifts in Great Britain, Ireland and other Commonwealth countries. In 1877, printing directly to tinplate began. Independent Can is the leader in printing and manufacturing of specialty decorative tins in the US.

With the price of everything going up, why not choose packaging that ads value, gets attention and stays around for decades? Tins rarely get thrown away but if they do, they are 100% infinitely recyclable. Younger consumers love to hear that!

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