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Aug 11th, 2020

Comfort foods are in demand during the pandemic. Consumers are looking for something new and different to excite their palette but you have to catch their eye first!

In an article from Candy and Snack Today entitled Premium Options are Reshaping the Cookie Sector, Chad Lusk, chief marketing officer at Hostess Brands, LLC is quoted as saying, “Packaging serves as our largest billboard and consumer-awareness vehicle.” We couldn’t agree more! Also, Greg Parham, director of sales at J&M Foods stated, “Packaging needs to be such that it makes consumers want pick the product up off the shelf to learn what makes it special.”

For decades, premium metal packaging with high definition lithography, has served the role of increasing the perceived value of the product inside. In addition to being a “billboard and customer-awareness vehicle”, tins are a lasting advertisement. Jennifer Finley, president and founder of Too Good Gourmet states that “packaging materials and graphics must convey what makes the product worthy of the price”. Nothing does this better than a decorative tin.

Large national companies have used tins for commemorations, holidays, limited editions, new product launches and other promotional opportunities. It is important to work with a company that uses FDA approved inks and coatings and is certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute for meeting the high standards of food contact packaging.

Companies are introducing premium flavors such as Lemon Cake Batter Cookies and other non-traditional options. Being able to quickly communicate gluten free, low-carb and keto-friendly on the outside of the package, is also vitally important. Quality ingredients cost more and taste better. High definition lithography enables Independent Can to print nutritional information with crisp readability and product images that look good enough to eat! (right – chocolate chip cookie printed on metal)

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