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May 29th, 2018

Every week, we hear about bio-this, paper-based or plant-based that – all these new combinations to lead to the claim of “greener”.  We support these efforts to combat the very real problem of plastic pollution.

We don’t have to go to the cauldron to concoct a more earth-friendly package. Steel is 100% recyclable – infinitely, without loss of quality, as a matter of fact. The fact that tin packaging is beautiful and sturdy, eliminates the need for secondary packaging! There’s something better than recycling exterior packaging – that is not to have to use it in the first place!

The efforts to reduce plastic have been frustrating to the consumer. Caps are made so shallow and bottle walls so thin that you lose part of your product squeezing the flimsy bottle getting the cap off that you cannot even grip!

Even the claim of recyclability or the option to compost, lacks the backing of commercial facilities that would make curb-side collection possible. In fact, the recyclability of plastic is just an extended life cycle with an end of life somewhere in the landfill or waterways.

Although we don’t need a cauldron for the right sustainability mix, we do put it on the fire to melt it down for reuse in a variety of other products, including becoming and can again! Our packaging has the same quality, look, feel and performance as when we began to make them back in 1929! Cans not only reduce packaging waste but they reduce food waste by extending shelf life.


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