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Oct 10th, 2019

There are many considerations when choosing a package for a product and brand – function, appearance, shelf stability, recyclability and much more. There is nothing more compelling than the testimony of a happy customer so we will let Rishi Ramkissoon, owner of Brown Bear Coffee Roasters, tell you firsthand.

When I started Brown Bear Coffee in 2014, I wanted to bring back the tin packaging, both for nostalgia and for the sustainability. There were no options available that I knew of that catered to the specialty coffee market.

Last year, I revisited the idea and I found Independent Can and was intrigued with the metal valve! Finally I could have a fully metal package that is sustainable, and is strong just like our brand.

I worked with Michele to find a tin size we can afford (we are a small business) and Dixie Canners helped us with a proper seamer.

And now finally we have rolled out our metal can packaging, which looks cool next to our roaster – both of which are Made in USA! We are very proud to support our manufacturing industries. And we are proud to be one of the first specialty roasters to migrate to retail cans.

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