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Nov 13th, 2019

How often have we all gone into department stores, armed with a list of relatives or friends to buy for and then spot the perfect gift…for ourselves? Holiday shoppers know that there are special items that you may only see during the season. When the promotion is gone, so is that special item, so they grab one for themselves. One for you, one for me! Many brands feature limited editions and collectibles. Those that are loyal to their favorite brands can’t resist. Some are annual collectors of their brand’s holiday tin for display or reuse during the next holiday season.

Grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores aren’t primary destinations for gift buyers but they have a captive audience of consumers there to buy necessities. A unique or popular item in an eye-catching package on a corner kiosk is likely to result in an impulse buy. Those indulgent items in upscale packaging bring a higher price when people are more likely to spend more for something special.

Most gift packaging and gift wrap is disposable and disposed of. Much of it is not recyclable such as wrapping paper lined with plastic or adorned with glitter. Glitter is actually made up of tiny pieces of plastic. Some wrapping paper, even if it is recycled, is saturated with ink, making it difficult to separate the colors from the fibers. “The ink diminishes the yield, it creates extra sludge when you process it, it requires additional chemicals,” according to Bill Moore, a paper recycling consultant based in Atlanta (excerpt from Huffington Post article It’s Officially Time to Ban Gift-Wrapping Paper.) Embellishments that are glued to boxes make them candidates for the landfill.

As we’ve said, many times, a gift tin is part of the gift and requires no external packaging. It is 100% infinitely recyclable and is made from at least 25% recycled steel. It is food-safe too! Even the beautiful inks and coatings burn off in the recycling process. They sparkle without glitter, poly or foils. While customers are being generous and thoughtful, they can also be kind to the environment.


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