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Feb 13th, 2024

Consumer Education on Recycling

It is no secret that most consumers are confused about recycling. Even with common items having #1 or #2 embossed or printed on the plastic package, only about 1/3 of those items get recycled. That means that only 3 out of 10 plastic bottles, that can be recycled, actually do. Colored plastic adds even more complication.

There is even soft demand for rPET. Market demand was down by 15% in 2023. Some theorize that bottom-line pressures and over-inventory due to COVID-19, may have been factors. Consumer aversion to plastic, in general, may be another.

There is no wrong way to recycle steel cans. If it is steel, it can be recycled indefinitely, without loss of quality and with no special instructions to the consumer. Most states and municipalities will accept recycled tin cans in curbside collection. There is no need to remove labels. But do consumers know that?

Independent Can Company has assembled a recycling FAQ page Let us know how we can help to get the word out about one of the greenest and long-standing containers in the marketplace.

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