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Jan 27th, 2020

Is your company prepared for an interruption to the status quo?

Political whims, natural disasters, mechanical failures, supply chain interruptions, changing technology and global events impact businesses. Combine that with fads, trends and the attitudes of consumers and companies could find themselves out of business.

A great example is Blockbuster. They were once the king of video rentals. Video rental kiosks, subscription services and downloads replaced their business model. Radio Shack stuck to brick and mortar locations and failed to remain relevant in the online marketplace.

Some changes are gradual and others hit like a freight train. This is what Independent Can experienced with steel tariffs. Our skilled team went into high gear looking for efficiency gains and cost reduction.

Fortunately, Independent Can has a variety of sources in the global marketplace and the company’s financial strength has allowed for long range planning. A strong supply chain, along with redundant printing and manufacturing facilities in different regions of the country, ensures supply for our customers.

Over the years, Independent Can has gone from being a backup supplier or second source to the primary vendor partner. We’ve done this by earning trust through our performance and communications. Companies need to be up and running even when some of their suppliers are not!

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