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Feb 21nd, 2022

Consumer Packaging Priorities Since 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic may have permanently reshaped consumer sentiment about packaging by heightening consumers’ concerns about shelf life, hygiene and food safety. Consumers are also concerned about impact on the environment and seek more environmentally-friendly options. They want to be educated about the sustainability of a package, including better labeling and instructions. Convenience and no guesswork encourages consumers to participate in curbside recycling programs.

Protecting food items from air, light, moisture and contaminants is more of a priority. Hermetic cans have always been the super hero of both food safety, freshness and sustainability. Even drawn seamless containers allow just the right flow of air to prohibit condensation that can causes mold and clumping in semi-moist, powders and leaf products such as teas and spices.

With supply chain issues leaving many shelves empty and favorites hard to get, having reliable, extended shelf life is even more important. Everything from baby formula to pet supplies has been impacted by shortages in the reopening economy.

Protecting what consumers feed their families is a high priority when more are choosing to continue to prepare meals at home. Inflation has impacted the family budget. They don't want to be throwing away stale or possibly contaminated foods.

Although price and brand outrank environmental concerns in packaged food surveys, other factors such as perceived quality, packaging style, convenience, environmental impact and safety, influence consumer behavior. The right packaging can be a differentiator when the consumers' favorites are out of stock, giving them an opportunity to try another brand.

Packaging made from steel has no confusing numbering system and no special handling for curbside recycling. All steel cans contain recycled material and there is no difference in quality.

With information at the customers' fingertips, many environmentally conscious customers have done their homework. They want to make the best choice for their family, now and for their future.