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June 25th, 2020

Tins have been used for food preservation and food gifts for centuries. In the 1800s, farmers began to plant corn specifically for popping due the the growing popularity of popped corn as a snack. During the Great Depression, popcorn was one of the few snack foods that could be afforded by all. During World War II, when sugar and other supplies were rationed, popcorn’s popularity grew even more.

Our popcorn and snack can lines are humming! Consumers are realizing, once again, that popcorn and snacks in decorative tins are great gifts and not just during the holiday season.

Families have been unable to visit with friends and relatives to celebrate milestones over the past several months. Being able to send something special by mail has become more important. Choosing a special container that does not require layers of external packaging is an important consideration for environmentally-conscious consumers.

There are many good reasons for choosing tin packaging over paper or plastic:

  1. High-end, durable and beautifully decorated
  2. Can be reused and recycled
  3. A gift that can be given to an individual or an entire family
  4. A lasting advertisement for the original product

Our stock program has enabled food manufacturers of all sizes to test the market and add decorative tins to their offerings. If they find that tins add value and sell more product, they are able to work with us in the development of an entirely custom tin for their brand or product. Visit our stock catalog for all size and design varieties.

Snack food manufacturers have contributed to enjoyment of families while they are making the most entertainment at home. We are an American manufacturer proudly supporting those American businesses.


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