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Nov 6th, 2019

One More Reason to Choose Tin Packaging - Brand Distinction, Shelf-life, Recyclability, and Easy Fulfillment

Manufacturers have so much to consider when choosing packaging for their product. The container can’t just have the right look; it has to provide solutions. There are many questions in addition to price and availability.

  • Does it represent the brand’s image well?
  • Is it consistent with the company’s environmental values?
  • Does it protect the product from damage, contaminants, light, heat and moisture?
  • Does it add value?
  • Are there hidden costs?

High speed automation is key to cost containment. Tin cans made from steel have a number of advantages over other packaging when it comes to fulfillment.

  • cans magnetize to conveyor belts
  • they fill at high speeds
  • speed yields energy savings
  • minimize product waste & spoilage

In addition, a decorative tin package is retail-ready and requires no external packaging. It is 100% infinitely recyclable without loss of quality. Every can contains at least 25% recycled material.

Decorative, hermetic tin cans are the preferred packaging choice of our long-term customer, Hubs Peanuts in Sedley, Virginia. They have a premium product that is a popular mail order gift. Watch their short video (1.29 min) which shows their processes, including fulfillment.


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