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June 21nd, 2021

Brand Storytelling in Tin

Packaging improves the customer experience. Brands have gone from working toward customer satisfaction to insisting on customer delight. It is not just about shelf appeal. Sharing unboxing experiences has become an addiction.

Nearly 80 percent of consumers will try something new based on the package. New product launches call for something special. First impressions form in milliseconds and brand loyalty is rewarded with something new, exciting and collectible.

Promotional Tin Packaging could be the best way to celebrate your milestones while getting attention for your brand. You are putting something in the consumer's hands that will serve as a lasting advertisement for the original product. Customers can feel good about reusing their commemorative package while also knowing that it is made from up to 60% recycled steel and recycles infinitely.

For decades, major brands have commemorated with tin. There are new products being launched in tin packaging every year. Some brands feature an annual limited edition for fans of their products.

Jonathan Ive of Apple said, "Packaging can be theater, it can create a story." Check out our video collection of major brands telling their stories in tin!