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Mar 29th, 2023

Candy Sales Defy Inflation

According to Candy and Snack Today, in an article entitled Candy Sales Continue To Outpace Total Store Results, candy sales continue to outpace store results. While other food items have been down for the past two years, non-chocolate candies and gum have been steady performers.

Chocolate candy sales were up 18.5 billion the week ending February 26. "Growth of non-chocolate dollars remain in the double-digits, up 14.6 percent in the 52-week view and 19.8 percent in the latest four weeks ending February 26," the article says. Read full article. Gum and mints were up, as well.

Even with the cost of candy being up nearly 12%, sales are robust. During challenging times, consumers purchase items that make them feel good. Perfume and beauty products enjoy a similar boost during times when customers are cutting back on even essentials. Looking good and feeling rewarded are strong desires during recessionary or inflationary times.

With such a fierce competition in the candy market, brands need to differentiate in order to stand out. They need to show that they are a better value than others. Brand loyalists also look for an emotional connection to their favorite treat. Providing them with something unique and collectible may keep them from giving up a brand name for a less expensive product.

Decorative tin packaging offers branding, collectability, reusability and recycles infinitely. Our stock program can get you started in tins for a promotion or new product launch without a large purchase or inventory burden, easily customized with labels or sleeves.

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