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Dec 31rd, 2020

Early in the pandemic, Independent Can was designated as an essential business because we provided packaging for many other essential businesses. Even before the lockdowns in many states, ICC hired dedicated cleaning personnel for all high-touch surfaces. In mid-March we enabled telework for everyone that was able to fulfill their job responsibilities from home, installed hand sanitizer dispensers and provided PPE for all essential personnel working in our manufacturing facilities.

ICC informed workers through leadership communications and signage. Our ability to meet for the benefit of our customers and employees was uninterrupted, thanks to the hard work of our IT Team.

Our efforts and diligence have paid off! Of over 400 employees, there have only been 11 infections - none of which were contracted in any of our six ICC facilities. We thank our employees for their cooperation and assistance with the important measures to keep us safe, open and ready to provide uninterrupted supply to our customers.

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