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Feb 24th, 2020

Packaging designers have a lot to consider. With online sales increasing, the package not only has to have shelf appeal but also stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.

According to a blog from, the 11 top trends in packaging designs are:

  1. Packaging that tells a story
  2. Metamorphoses
  3. Retro-futurism
  4. Blurry color splotches and blurred images
  5. Maximalism and heavily detailed packaging
  6. Ecologically aware packaging
  7. Natural & earthy pastels
  8. Neatly structured layouts
  9. New constructive forms for traditional products
  10. Holographic effects on black background
  11. Transparent packaging that lets color shine through

The blog post features fantastic artwork showing examples of each of these 11 trends. Brands that create a work of art to sell their products should also consider whether their package is part of the temporary, disposable economy. Talking about ecological awareness and actually being a part of close-loop sustainability are quite different.

One of the biggest challenges for designers and clients in the next years will be to find ecological, plastic-free packaging alternatives to current materials. It will test us to come up with new ideas.

99designs designer Obacht

Brands have to consider the customer experience in a medium that does not allow for touch as part of the evaluation of the packaging and product. Being able to have the design ideas communicated in vibrant colors and sharp detail.

One of the trends that I see emerging is more luxurious, more attention-grabbing, with more intense, richer colors. ‘Heavier’ designs, full of details and beautiful graphics that mark the quality of the product.

Although this can was printed for Hershey more than 20 years ago, it captured most of the rich, attention-grabbing detail described in 2020 design trends – tells a story, infinitely recyclable and it is still around!

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