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Aug 31rd, 2016

In the August edition of Brand Packaging Magazine, we spotted an article entitled Nostalgic Packaging Has Made a Comeback. The article states that nostalgic packaging creates an emotional bond between the consumer and a product. Throw-back packaging takes customers back to the “good old days”. We couldn’t agree more!

Having been in business since 1929, we are fortunate to have relationships with major brands that have a long history of customer loyalty to their products.

In 2009, Nestlé Canada celebrated their 60th anniversary with a nostalgic tin including a finish that mimicked a distressed look with a crackle varnish. The scratch marks were created in the artwork. It was a very unique retro version of their traditional orange-striped gift tin.

For the second time, we are using a retro design on our popcorn tins. Popcorn is a snack that never goes out of style. It began to gain in popularity in the US in the 1840s. Popcorn gained mass appeal when it was introduced in movie theaters with red and white decorated cartons or bags. Nostalgic packaging is a perfect complement to this staple in snack history.

Moon Pies have been around for 99 years and Chattanooga Bakery, Inc. will be celebrating their centennial in 2017. Their packaging style is clean and simple – a reminder of simpler times when Moon Pies first made their way in to children’s lunch boxes. Positive childhood memories may prompt consumers to purchase a brand that they haven’t enjoyed for a long time.

The article also states that nostalgic packaging can make a newer brand look as though it has been around for a longer time and build trust. From Michael DiFranco’s article: “It speaks to the history of your brand – where you came from and how far you will be going.” (Michael DeFranco is the VP of marketing at Johns Byrne Company.)

Similarly, we see a “farm grown” or “homemade” look to a package to separate a brand from the look of modern commercial processing. Products made the “old fashioned” way had more wholesome ingredients and were closer to nature. From the article, “For example, this style of packaging is highly effective for food products because many consumers are concerned with how food is sourced and how many ingredients it includes.”

Packaging designers are not just trying to attract your eye, they are tugging at your heartstrings. They may even be trying to rouse a sentimental walk down memory lane.


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