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Mar 16th, 2021

There are many factors contributing to the worldwide demand for cans. Marketing research firm, Mordor Intelligence estimates that metal cans will experience growth well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, with the largest market being North America.

Below are some of the reasons for the increased tin can demand stated by Mordor:

  • The high recyclability of metal cans is one of the significant drivers of the market. Making products from recycled metals uses less energy, reduces carbon emissions, and uses less water compared with using raw materials. (Learn more about the sustainability benefits of steel packaging.)
  • The rise in consumer awareness concerning the application of non-carcinogenic materials in packaging and increased demand for lightweight packing is generating high growth prospects for the metal cans market.

Consumers are shopping differently and cans made of steel check all of the boxes:

  • Visual appeal - metallic finished and high-definition graphics (View some of our recent custom decorative can designs.)
  • Shelf life - extends the freshness and nutritional value of the product (Learn more about our air-tight, hermetic tin packaging.)
  • Protection from light, moisture and contaminants
  • Rigidity and crush resistant for easy shipment and filling
  • Reusable and infinitely recyclable

Domestic manufacturing eliminates the problems created by international and political challenges.

  1. long lead-times and shipping delays
  2. dock strikes
  3. tariff, treaty and customs complications

The move by many companies away from plastic, is another great motivator for the choice of metal cans. Although aluminum is recyclable, it does not have the magnetic properties of steel, allowing easy separation from other waste headed for the landfill. Recycling steel cans is as simple as it has always been for the consumer - curbside with no special handling.

A strong supply chain with redundant equipment and facilities are critical to customer supply. Proactive communications and forecasting are key to "no surprises" customer service and reliability.

The pandemic has disrupted supplies of raw materials and manufactured goods throughout the world. Independent Can Company has weathered many challenges throughout its more than 90 year history by remaining market, customer and improvement drive. This is part of our company core values.

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