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We Build Brands with Packaging that Sells Product

Bring your brand vision to life with Independent Can's legacy of packaging excellence. For over 90 years, we have been the trusted partner for custom tin packaging that captivates consumers and drives sales.

As an industry pioneer, we offer the largest selection of market-tested can shapes and sizes to suit your brand's unique needs. Our in-house manufacturing and printing controls every stage of production, ensuring your vision is executed with precision and care.

In 2022, we made historic investments in state-of-the-art printing presses and can-making technology. This cements our leadership in meeting the demands of today's global marketplace with agility and innovation.

Our experts become an extension of your team, collaborating to create striking packaging that leaps off the shelves. With Independent Can, you gain a partner committed to your success through packaging that builds brands consumers love.

Trust our 94 years of expertise to take your product to new heights. Partner with Independent Can to develop captivating packaging that sells.

New Stock Designs Available This Spring

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Discover the perfect packaging for your brand with Independent Can's expansive online catalog. Our stock program offers an unmatched selection of tin cans, rounds, pails, and tins for specialty foods, confections, snacks, and more. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes including lip balm tins, popcorn tubs, cookie containers, and beyond. Our catalog features plain metal packaging as well as bold colors and eye-catching designs from renowned artists. We refresh the collection annually with contemporary new looks. As the only true year-round American stock program, we provide fast access to quality packaging printed and manufactured in the USA. Browse our online catalog today to find the ideal tin to showcase your brand.

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Wholesale Stock Program

Largest Stock Specialty Tin Program in the United States

Experience reliable access to in-stock tin packaging with America's largest specialty tin program from Independent Can. As the only true year-round stock provider, we offer an expansive selection of ready-to-ship decorative tins and containers when you need them. Our program includes a vast range of tin packaging sizes, from small seamless tins to large popcorn pails. We also provide fancy shapes and unique designs to showcase your brand in style. With Independent Can as your stock tin partner, you can launch products faster and meet demand confidently. Trust the tin experts with the nation's largest in-stock program. Partner with Independent Can for ready access to specialty tins that make your brand shine.

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Seamless Tins

Custom and Stock Seamless and Candle Tins

Discover superior quality with Independent Can's custom and stock seamless tins. Expertly drawn and formed from tin-plated steel in a single operation, our seamless containers have no side or bottom seams that could compromise leak-proof integrity. This makes them ideal for securing moist products like balms, sauces, and candles, as well as fine powders that require tight sealing. Their sleek, high-end look also perfectly showcases luxury brands. Choose from our in-stock seamless tin selection or work with our designers to develop a custom, brand-building tin tailored to your product. Trust Independent Can's seamless tins to present your product impressively while protecting purity and freshness.

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Hermetic Cans

Air-tight Hermetic Cans for Food, Coffee, Supplements and More

Protect product purity and freshness with Independent Can's air-tight hermetic cans - crucial for today's health-focused consumers. Our metal cans provide unmatched barrier protection against moisture, air, light, and contaminants. This makes them ideal for preserving and extending shelf life of coffee, supplements, spices, food products, and more. Hermetic sealing maintains quality while conveying safety and reliability. Trust Independent Can's expertise in can manufacturing and printing to safeguard your product with hermetic integrity. Our commitment to innovation ensures the highest standards for the materials and processes that touch your brand. Choose hermetic cans and send the message of safety to your customers.

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Fittings & Closures

Specialty Closures, Continuous Thread Caps, Fittings, Necks and Spouts

Enhance functionality and broaden your product line with Independent Can's specialty closures and fittings. We offer a wide range of options including spouts, nozzles, necks, caps, and inner seals - all engineered for ideal performance. Add convenience with our pull-out pour spouts, dispense viscous products using our nozzle and plug tops, or keep contents fresher longer with our vented inners seals. Clinched and straight-walled necks allow for secure closure. With nearly a century of expertise, Independent Can's experienced team can recommend the perfect closure solution tailored to your product. Trust us to extend your packaging capabilities and provide added value. Choose from our selection or work with us to develop a custom closure that gives your brand an edge.

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Industrial Cans

General Line and Industrial Cans

Meet specialized industrial needs with Independent Can's enhanced general line cans. We offer cans purpose-built for applications like welding rods, lighter fluid, tobacco, military use, wax storage, hermetic packaging, filters, and more. Our industrial tins include customized designs, rigorous testing, and strict quality control for consistent production and ideal product performance. We follow meticulous procedures to ensure our cans suit your specific requirements. With nearly a century of expertise producing metal cans and tins, Independent Can has the technical know-how to develop reliable solutions for industrial packaging demands. Trust us for high-quality, specialized industrial tins customized for your application.

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Join our team of talented professionals committed to American manufacturing excellence. At Independent Can, you'll be part of a diverse, skilled team in roles from production and engineering to sales, design, and more. Our manufacturing environment provides exciting, hands-on work crafting quality metal cans and tins. Or contribute your skills in areas like graphics, accounting, customer service, and machinery operation. We pride ourselves on assembling a team united by drive, work ethic, and passion for creating superior packaging. With competitive pay and benefits, Independent Can offers rewarding, long-term careers. If you value collaboration, problem-solving, and taking pride in a job well done, discover your opportunity with Independent Can. Join our team of experts pushing the boundaries of metal packaging.

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Trade Show Schedule 2024

We are excited to be exhibiting at four trade shows in 2024. We look forward to meeting new prospects, but more importantly, we are looking forward to connecting with our loyal customers. Visit with us at the Winter Fancy Food Show, Pack Expo East, Sweets and Snacks and Pack Expo International!

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We can Help You Find a Solution

Want eco-friendly packaging that makes your product shine? Independent Can has the solution. For over 90 years, we've helped brands craft custom tins and cans that captivate customers. Our experts collaborate with you to understand your brand and goals. Then we recommend the perfect metal package to showcase your product sustainably. Contact Independent Can today to learn more about our innovative packaging capabilities. Discover tin cans and containers that help your brand and the planet. Together, we can craft the ideal cans your customers will love.

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Earth-friendly Packaging Materials

Tin packaging from Independent Can is a sustainable choice your brand and customers can feel good about. With their timeless beauty, our tins are often reused, refilled, and displayed - eliminating the need for secondary packaging. If disposed of, steel cans are easily separated at recycling facilities due to their magnetic properties. Tin is infinitely recyclable without any loss in quality or durability. With an unlimited lifecycle, indestructible durability, and natural recyclability, metal is an earth-friendly packaging material. Partner with Independent Can to make sustainability a part of your brand story and connect with eco-conscious consumers.

Industry-leading Technology and Manufacturing

At Independent Can, a spirit of innovation propels our commitment to manufacturing excellence. We embrace cutting-edge technology to collaborate with customers and bring packaging visions to life. Our experts use the latest 3D modeling and CNC machining software to swiftly prototype and modify cans, accelerating development. This technology, along with our passion for quality and service, allows us to create virtually any size or shape tin to meet market demands. For over 90 years, we have guided brands through bringing innovative metal packaging from concept to shelf. Trust Independent Can as your partner for engineering and manufacturing solutions that delight consumers. Our drive to innovate combined with state-of-the-art capabilities ensures your packaging conveys quality at every touchpoint.

Quality Assurance

Experience and technology behind a quality product

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Technology & Innovation

State-of-the-art printing lines, high-speed coating, and the latest pre-press and plate making technology

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Lean Manufacturing

All major manufacturing processes are handled in-house from concept to completion

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Design & Engineering

We have the ability to design and create virtually any size or shape tin container

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