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Everything You Need to Know about Steel Recycling

There are so many claims about recycling, composting, and biodegradability that do not take into consideration consumer knowledge and behavior. Many claims of sustainability rely on infrastructure that is not yet in place.

Many cities use single-stream recycling that is easier for the consumer but more costly to process. Steel has one big advantage over all other materials - magnetic separation from the waste stream!

Answer: Yes, each can contains at least 25% and up to 60% recycled steel.

Answer: No. The recycling process requires some mix of metals and raw steel

Answer: Steel recycles without loss of quality, so raw steel has the same properties as a steel with recycled content. The look and performance are exactly the same.

Answer: ICC recycles corrugated, aluminum, glass, steel, and solvents

Answer: ICC uses energy-saving lighting and heating

                              Motion detector lighting

                               LED lights

Answer: ICC uses energy-efficient coater ovens and incinerators to burn off VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Answer: Geothermal heating in our new facilities

Answer: Prints with a method that uses less ink for the same results

Answer: Steel will eventually decompose over a period of 50 years whereas aluminum takes 200

Answer: No. All three will burn off in the recycling process along with any other impurities.

Answer: No. Steel is recyclable, curbside, in most states and jurisdictions without any special handling or facilities

Answer: Steel can be easily separated from other waste by magnet (aluminum is not magnetic)

Answer: Recycling steel uses 60% less energy than making new

Answer: Recycled steel has the same properties as new and can be used to make anything that is made of steel, including new cans.

Answer: Steel is infinitely recyclable and can be melted down and reused over and over again.

Answer: Cans are collected, reused and repurposed

Answer: Hermetic cans extend the harvest and reduce food waste

Answer: One ton of steel that is recycled conserves 1.1 tons of iron ore, 0.6 ton of coking coal, and 0.05 ton of limestone.

Answer: The latest published recycling rate for steel packaging is 70.9 percent (1.1 million tons) according to the EPA. The EPA used industry data, including statistics from the Steel Recycling Institute, to estimate ferrous metal (with magnetic properties) generation.

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