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Stock Program Minimum Order Quantities

We have the largest, US-made stock program in the world. Our domestic stock tin program is designed to serve customers of all sizes, either through factory-direct orders or our stocking distributor partners.

Minimum Order Quantity - Locked Seam and Tapered Cans

We feature a true year-round program for stock wholesale decorative tins that ensures availability of tins when customers need them. You can see and feel our quality difference. Digitally printed substitutes cannot compare to the beauty of a lithographed tin. More than just cookie tins, this program features tin packaging in a broad range of sizes, designs and/or fancy shapes from small, drawn seamless tins to large popcorn pails. Click here to view our stock catalog.

Our program exists to serve customers of all sizes. For factory-direct orders, the minimum for Locked-seam Cans and Tapered Pails is a full pallet of each item. (see below). Due to their small size, Seamless Tins carry a $1000.00 minimum rather than full pallets of each item. For smaller quanitites, please contact our stocking distributors. They sell at our quantity prices and provide value added services. Stocking Distributors

Minimums for Stock Plain Coffee and Peanut Cans

For details, minimums and pallet count for plain, stock coffee cans. For details, minimums and pallet counts for plain, stock peanut and food cans.

The quantity you entered might be below our minimum requirements.

If your quantity is below minimums, our stocking distributors would be happy to take your order. Learn more about our stocking distributors.