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Our Philosophy

What really drives what we do?

We are a family owned and operated business and have been since the founding in 1929. With this in mind, we have learned to service our customers and employees in the same manner that the owners would like to be treated. We view the business as one that must be challenging, fun, professionally managed, and financially prudent.

We are a values-based company. Our values are to be Fair, Sense of Urgency, Market, Customer and Improvement Driven, Dedicated, Responsible, and Committed to Teamwork. Our employees developed this list of values and we want them to challenge all actions and decisions if they do not live up to the spirit of our ethics. The employees of Independent Can are the most essential asset. The expressed goal of the management is to provide a challenging, dynamic, innovative, demanding and friendly work environment.

Our Core Values


Showing equality and consistency in decision making while being respectful of others; not arbitrary.

Sense of Urgency

Exhibiting a willingness & ability to adapt to changing situations. Recognizing that our ability to make changes quickly is a competitive advantage.

Market, Customer and Improvement Driven

Accepting that it is the customer’s requirements that dictate what we do and not getting better at our performance is not an option.


Being committed to safely doing whatever it takes to get the job done well.


Accepting accountability for my actions and results; not making excuses.


Commonality of goals, unity of thought and action; recognizing that a team is stronger than the sum of the individual parts.

Mission Statement

Tailored Packaging Solutions Building Brands

We are the premier manufacturer and supplier of innovative, high quality metal packaging solutions and market-leading lithography. We empower our highly skilled and trained employees in a safe, respectful, and stable environment with opportunities for growth. By successfully partnering with our customers to build their brands, Independent Can Company will have the following results:

Loyal Employees, Loyal Customers, Job Security, Profits sufficient to meet reinvestment needs, and a Fair Return for the Shareholders.

Vision Statement

Capable, skilled and committed employees delivering exceptional service and value by providing tailored packaging solutions to our customers.

Quality Mission Statement

Independent Can Company will ensure customer satisfaction through conformance to quality requirements; while producing world class metal packaging. With our quality systems, we are committing ourselves to a culture of continuous improvement, relentlessly seeking to learn the expectations of our customer base, and striving to meet and exceed those quality expectations at every juncture.

  • Excel in our position as a full service can maker
  • Provide on time delivery of our products
  • Develop products that meet customers’ design specifications
  • Meet Safe Quality Food (SQF) Standards
  • To be the recognized leader for quality and service in the markets we serve

From the President's Desk

Every employee at Independent Can Company must adhere to the spirit, and the letter of the firm’s quality policy as well as the directives of the Quality Manual and its subordinate documents. I will continue to be active in all phases of our quality efforts and the quality systems to ensure we meet these commitments.

The above statements truly direct our actions. If we live the Values and follow the Purpose, Mission and Vision guidelines, our future looks very bright.

I am the President and CEO of Independent Can Company and I take this responsibility very seriously. If any employee or customer has a question or concern, I have an open door policy, and am available for your direct contact.

Thank you for the opportunity to service your packaging needs. We are very much aware that there are many options in the packaging area. We hope that you will consider our metal cans as a part of your product and packaging needs. If we do not make the package that you need, we will either source the package that fits best for you or refer you to the best source for what you require.


Rick Huether

President and CEO

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